PROmoting Early Childhood Outside (PRO-ECO) 2.0

A supportive program to support outdoor play in early learning and child care


Early learning and child care (ELCCs) centres are important settings for children’s outdoor play and for children to learn about their reciprocal relationships with nature, other creatures and natural elements.

In partnership with Indigenous organizations, elders, and partners that support and deliver ELCC programs across BC, we will co-create locally guided and sustainable methods for supporting outdoor play and learning  in ELCC centres that provide full-time child care to children aged 3-5 years. The PRO-ECO 2.0 study builds on the PRO-ECO pilot study (launched in 2020) and includes four components: ELCC outdoor play policy, staff training and mentorship, parent, family and elder engagement, changes to the outdoor space. In this study, we will:

  • Co-create and implement the PRO-ECO project in partnership with Indigenous-led organizations at 10 BC ELCC centres.
  • Study the PRO-ECO project’s influence on children and educators.
  • Consider lessons and principles so that PRO-ECO project is feasible for other ELCCs.

We are now working with 12 ELCC centres across BC who joined our study. We are grateful for their enthusiasm and willingness to work with us.

Learn more about PRO-ECO 2.0:

2023 PRO-ECO 2.0 “PROmoting Early Childhood Outside”

Mariana Brussoni and Sheila Grieve talk about this exciting program supporting outdoor play in BC’s child care centres

** The call for new centre partnerships is now closed for PRO-ECO 2.0 – thank you!**

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Funding information

Funded by the Government of Canada: Employment and Social Development Canada 2022-2025

Publications & Resources

Trevor Hancock: Why we need licensed outdoor childcare [link]